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Who was, were? 

This project takes heavy inspiration from my last work ' Days Go By, Forever '.
In fact it is almost an extension on my previous practice. 
The similarity between both is obvious but then again the project retains it's difference. 
Where before I would follow the item now I let the item find me. 

Digging into peoples trash I find a new purpose to the 'rubbish' left behind and maybe for one last time I give it a chance to become a part of something bigger. 

My aim is to construct something out of nothing, to show that everything is stronger when it's accompanied by others. 

The very roots of this project take inspiration from Civil Wars, Rebellions, Protests and Nature. 
I take inspiration from our whole world and how it has evolved over the millions of years to become a paradise of the living. 

From the Empire of Ants to the colonies of Rome, unitedness moves life forwards.
Our whole nature is about standing together, standing as one. 

However, in history we are always though about different religions and believes. Modern day propaganda. The strongest force is the united one.
The hierarchy works day-and-night to limit us, break us apart, tear down of the one thing they can not stop; Us. 

When an observer looks at the world they should not see separation. They should not to see the progress of our world neglected and dulled down to a pebble on the beach. A visitor needs to see our nature, our paradise the same way it looks from outer space; Beautiful. 

Ant colonies can vary up to 300 million ants living in one nest. The sheer amount is scary alone. However while everyone has their job there, in time of danger they stand united. If there is a flood happening ants have the ability to absorb water and then dispose of it out of the nest, similar to a water tanks. This is just one of the thousands of organisms who work united to participate into something bigger then themselves; Life. 


Who Sat Here ? 

Lone Chairs

Who was at this Pub Sink ? 

Pun Sink
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