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My name is Kristian and I have been living. Learning and photographing in London for over eight years.


I get a kick from simply documenting change, as this is our most unique... Change is time and time is constant, the ever-changing nature of existence is inevitable.


By documenting the everyday life landscape, I fill in a fracture of  history.


I felt the drive to photograph after spending time between the Extinction Rebellion protestants, and for a while everything was fast and furious. But after forgetting about the easiness of modern equipment and taking on the old world of analogue, things became slow and patient. This ‘change’ though me how to think about my composition; how to look for that unique moment.


For a few years my editing platform was the Darkroom where I learned more about colour and light than any digital program can ever teach me. I finally discovered how to use my hands and eyes to create a photograph from scratch. I now apply my knowledge to digital and use both formats with better understanding.

We are built to explore, what excites me is the unknown, the unexpected and everything uncommon.

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